Continuing Education

Cedar Stone School of Massage offers ongoing courses throughout the calendar year for massage therapists and healing arts practitioners to meet continuing education requirements, develop professional skills, and explore new modalities. These classes are provided to meet re-certification requirements and broaden the skill set of therapists and bodyworkers.

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Rain Bath Aromatherapy, October 20, 2017

Instructor: Trisha Leweke Brown

8 CEUs NCBTMB Approved

Course Time: 9am-6pm

Tuition: $175

sacred-drum BLUERRain Bath is an ancient form of aroma therapy combined with stones, intended to re-balance the physical through affecting the nervous system with plant oils, aromas, and healing stones of various temperatures. This treatment is a very gentle and non-invasive method of alleviating stress and anxiety, helping to restore balance to the body’s chemistry.

A variety of physical ailments can be affected by the essential oils. A Rain Bath treatment protects nurtures and enhances the immune system. This is a neurological treatment that assists the body with detoxification, eloquently blending modern science with ancient tradition.

In this workshop, you learn the Native American rituals and the history of the herbal medicines (energies). Each herb used for creating the essential oil is fully discussed in spiritual terms as well as scientific, allowing you to fully understand how to work with these essential oils in combination with the Stone Tribe.

You will have an opportunity to perform the entire process on one another and will be prepared to proficiently offer this treatment modality by the conclusion of the class. In the professional clinical or spa setting, this is a one hour treatment. Specific stones are used for various aspects of the therapy and a variety of temperature ranges are explored.

Rain Bath Kit

A kit of oils and stones are available for purchase.  The kit will offer approximately 12 treatment sessions.  The kits may be preordered for class.  This kit is $110.

Other Supplies:  Please bring linens and jojoba oil.  Tables and stone heaters will be provided.

HEALING HANDS, October 21, 2017

Instructor: Trisha Leweke Brown

8 CEUs NCBTMB Approved

Course Time: 9am-6pm

Tuition: $175

‘Healing Hands’ is a term used to describe a variety of wellness methods taught to ‘energy’ healers, lay persons and professional massage therapists throughout the modern world. CE certificates are earned by licensed practitioners while certificates of completion are given to lay persons.

This class reaches into ancient history for its foundation. Healers, Shamans, and Medicine people have been offering this form of hands on, energetic healing for generations. A modern and closely related, contemporary form of this work is from Japan, known as Reiki.

‘Healing Hands’ uses a different symbol system than Reiki yet draws on the same innate wisdom of the universe to bring about balance for the client. The symbols used in ‘Healing Hands’ have been drawn as Petroglyphs and Pictographs in Native American rock art throughout the Americas. In this class you learn how to use those symbols and what they stand for in regards to health and wellness.

Through demonstrations, lectures, Q & A, and hands-on practice sessions, as well as the written manual you will learn how to employ this natural and non-invasive healing art. An amazingly simple technique to learn, the ability to use Healing Hands is not taught in the usual sense, but is transferred.  You will participate in ritual and ceremony during a free initiation process that, according to Native traditions, allows your hands to dance in harmony with Creator’s energy.    Once the initiation is completed, you will practice Healing Hands with your classmates.

Massage tables will be provided.  Please bring a blanket or linens to lie on for treatment sessions.

Questions and Registrations

For more information, visit Stone Medicine’s website: or E-mail Sandra Hoak | | 540-801-0078.

Registration: Register Online Here or complete this form, Continuing Education Form and return to Cedar Stone School of Massage via email or postal mail.

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The Medicine Path Program

A Shamanic Journey into Native American Healing Arts

We invite you to join us in this unique educational opportunity-The Medicine Path Program. This new program, taught by Sandra Hoak, is designed to encourage your development and practice as a healing arts practitioner with a focus on Native American traditional methods.

  • Have you always wanted to deepen your work–to explore the energetic nuance and subtleties you experience in sessions or to dive deeper into your felt sense of healing work?
  • Have you wished for an opportunity to talk with your course instructor weeks after the course, realizing as you tried to apply the techniques that you were missing pieces of the technique application sequence?
  • Have you wondered about various aspects of your healing journey, longing for peers or a wise elder to share the process on all levels?

This program has been developed to answer these and other questions by allowing a dialogue with your instructor and class mates between each gathering.  Further, the program provides an environment for your personal and professional growth.

The Medicine Path Program is offered over a 15 month period with 20 days of on-site training, staged as 5 gatherings, for 4 days each. Personal growth assignments will be completed during the ‘Spaces-in-Between’, with each participant receiving individual on-line consultations.  We welcome professional therapists, (80 CE’s), healing arts professionals, and laypersons, who seek the wisdom of holistic wellness, with a focus on Native American traditional methods

This extended program allows the participant to see the gifts of their spirit, heart, mind, and body in a new light. Hearing the heart song of Native traditions and watching the sacredness of spiritual growth while seated at the altar of our ancestors will awaken your healing abilities. As a body-worker, you will have the opportunity to learn from the original Legend Keepers and true healers, the stones (bones) of Mother Earth. Combining a professional learning environment with the spiritual foundations of these indigenous people will increase the participant’s knowledge and confidence.
You will also learn how to make and care for the ‘Sacred Items’ necessary for offering ceremony. Various art projects and journal entries will serve as reference guides for your continuing growth after the course is complete.  There are many stone body treatments, an aromatherapy treatment, energetic therapy and Native traditions offered in this program.
We hope that you can participate in this most generous opportunity afforded to us by our Sioux Elder.

Medicine Path Program Schedule

The Medicine Path Program is designed by the altar directions.  We begin with the East direction symbolized by the guardian eagle and the Spring Season.  You will notice that the schedule continues in the medicine wheel, moving from East to North and then to the Center.  The Medicine Path Program will meet 5 times over 15 months.
The course dates and class topics are listed below:
Class Hours:  9am – 6pm for each of the 4 days.
East —  April 26-29, 2018
East Direction-Altar In-depth Training -Healing Hands  Rain Bath – Crafting-Feather Fans – Legends
“As dawn sheds yellow rays across the horizon, we awaken to the fresh new breath of this day.  Eagle calls our spirit to join him in the air for our morning greeting.  If I choose change, how will it fit?  If I choose to be born into new wisdom, how will it feel?  If I stay asleep , what will I  miss?”

South — August 2-5, 2018
South Direction-Altar In-depth  Training -Drum Making -Shamanic Journeying – Wolf Sacred Stroke -Legends
“The Red Road calls those who are ready to listen.  Wolf sings the heart song of family and connection–do you heart it?  With courage, we stand in full daylight, unafraid for Creator to fully see our weakness.  The power of the light fills our spirit with joy and abundance while reminding us it is fragile and one shadow can destroy it.  When sun stands firm at mid-day, do I choose growth or fear?”

West — November 1-4, 2018
West Direction–Altar In-depth Training- Spirit Art Journey – White Bear Sacred Stroke -
  Vision/Dream work – Animal Journey
“Bear calls us to harvest and prepare for the coming cold season.  Rooted connection with Mother Earth is our only goal.  As the darkness wraps us in dreams and vision we can know rest and rejuvenation.  Are we prepared to believe and know our inner wisdom?”

North — March 7-10, 2019
North-Altar In-Depth Training – Buffalo Sacred Stroke
Bury the Soul Stroke – Self-Care -Self-Journey
“The snow blanket of North helps us see White Buffalo Calf Woman and the ceremonies she left our elders which guide us on our healing journey.  The gatherings and celebrations around safe tribal fires show us how to “be” with Creator.   The death of winter gives a promise of fresh waters and wellness, as it kills our fear during the birth of wisdom.”

Center — June 20-23, 2019
Center – Altar In-Depth Training-The power of Ritual- Connection to the Above, Earth and Center
“The Sacred Circle lives, breaths and moves around the balanced trinity of the Center.  From Sky Nation harmony shines down on the Below of Mother Earth, where the Individual is wrapped in Creator’s balance.  The three strand braid of Creator, Self and Tribe cannot be broken as it whispers its strength through powerful legends of our ancestors.”

To apply to this program please complete the Medicine Path Program Application Form. The document link is listed below.  In an effort to ensure an excellent teacher to student ratio, our class size is limited.  Submit your application today to reserve your place in this program.
Application Form:  Medicine Path Application Form
Application Deadline:  April 1st, 2018
Medicine Path Program Prerequisite:    Stone Medicine I
Stone Medicine I is the foundation course for all Stone Medicine courses and programs. This 2 day course offers an introduction to a ceremonial based delivery of healing arts. Specifically, the course includes an introduction to a Sioux altar, hot and cold stone massage, temperature, safety & hygiene principles and contraindications.  See course schedule above for course dates


Location:   Harrisonburg,  VA                            Instructor:   Sandra Hoak


All classes will be held at:leaf grey gradient copy
Cedar Stone School of Massage
1834 S. Main Street
Harrisonburg, VA  22801


Medicine Path Program Tuition

Tuition costs are listed below. There are many supplies required for this program, some of which you may already own. We will work on an individual basis to calculate a supply cost that meets your specific needs.

Stone Stack

Tuition may be paid in full, quarterly or monthly payments. We provide a student-friendly interest-free payment program. Suggested monthly payments are listed below.  Full tuition payments will receive a 10% discount.

Total Program Cost:   $3,600 or $240 per month/15 months

Recently Hosted Courses
Native American Healing Arts with American Shaman Jenny Ray:

SACRED STROKES        October 7-10, 2014      32 CEUS

Instructor:  Jenny Ray

Tuition:  Course 1- Grandmother Cedar        $150

Course 2- WASE- Facial Massage  $150

Course 3- Wolf                                 $150

Course 4- Buffalo                             $150

Sacred Strokes are courses developed by Jenny Ray to teach specific stone layouts and strokes for treatment of well defined issues.  This education deepens the process for those committed Stone Walkers who wish to enhance and strengthen their relationship with the stones and offer new forms of healing to the client.

Many strokes have been offered in vision and passed down from the ancestors.  The ones in this course have come through the Sioux Bear Clan of the Thompson family, Jenny’s lineage.   Each stroke in this course is actually a sequence of motions and stone placement that is a full body treatment. 

In these advanced level courses, the student is focused on spiritual and emotional healing for the client as well as physical rehabilitation. The Stone Walker has a variety of wellness techniques at his/her disposal.  Knowing which method to incorporate to maximize comfort and symptom relief is as important as knowing the methodology.  This course will assist the therapist in offering spiritual empowerment along with physical wellness for the client. 

We are offering 4 Sacred Strokes Courses:  Grandmother Cedar, Wase, Buffalo and Wolf.   Descriptions of each course follows below.

Grandmother Cedar   Oct. 7th   $150

In this Sacred Stroke course, the practitioner will be offered a deeper understanding of how modern day stone massage and ancient Stone Medicine are related.  You will begin to explore the deeper meanings and uses of laying Sacred Symbols.  Discover how to use the Sacred Symbol of Grandmother Cedar as a method of “intuitive wellness” and “intentioned wellness” for your client.

The physical and spiritual properties of Grandmother Cedar will be studied along with the stroke protocol. For example, Cedar lives a very long life and can be such a huge giant because her root system is different than most conifers (evergreens). The tap root grows straight down at the exact rate and size as the top of the tree grows up.  This keeps it perfectly balanced with no more growth above land than what is supported below land.  The Cedar stroke will integrate this teaching of balanced growth and deep roots in the stone session.  Now imagine the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits a client can experience with a similar  balanced system as Grandmother Cedar.  There are many, many more aspects of Grandmother Cedar  that will be shared in this course along with stone protocols developed for each aspect.

For more information, visit Stone Medicine’s website: or E-mail Sandra Hoak | | 540-801-0078


WASE-Facial Massage     Oct. 8th    $150 

Many indigenous tribes use face paint to enhance their ceremonial regalia.  The paint could be considered a mask as the designs would change the individuals face into representation of the animal or bird they were impersonating for the dance or ceremony.  Some images, colors and symbols have special meanings or represent various spiritual energies.  The paint was generally applied by another person as they did not have mirrors until the late 1700’s and today that is the tradition.  This paint application process was a nurturing and uplifting experience.

Stone Walkers developed a facial massage treatment based on the traditions of face painting.  Using stones rather than paint allows the client to receive many benefits such as improved circulation, lymphatic drainage, detoxification, exfoliation as well as spiritual gifts.  The spiritual gifts of the various symbols can offer the client a deeper sense of wellness.   

Students will learn this hour long treatment along with product suggestions and the use of essential oils.   The science behind the treatment is explored along with the session stroke sequences and stone placement.  Learn to offer this session while participating in ancient Native American traditions.

For more information, visit Stone Medicine’s website: or E-mail Sandra Hoak | | 540-801-0078



Wolf Sacred Stroke       Oct. 9th         $150

This sacred stroke is known as Wolf.  It is a series of strokes using alternating temperatures and specific layouts with the stones that bring the spiritual and emotional gifts of Wolf to this physical treatment.

Throughout this class you will learn in Native Traditional ways how to offer wellness to the client with specific stroke and temperature while using “Wolf” as your guide.  As an example:  the skeleton of wolf is well adapted to its lifestyle.  The narrow clavicles, interlocked foreleg bones and specially adapted wrist bones give the wolf streamlining, strength and speed.  The radius and ulna bones are locked in position in most canines.  This inability to rotate the forelimbs gives superb stability when running.  Attention to the extremities in this session helps bring stability to the client.

You will be gifted various ceremonies along with the massage strokes.  This unique methodology is simple to learn as you follow the step by step instructions.

For more information, visit Stone Medicine’s website: or E-mail Sandra Hoak | | 540-801-0078



Buffalo  Sacred Stroke            Oct. 10th     $150   

Buffalo is a stroke that is incorporated into many other strokes.  Because Buffalo was so important to the survival of many Native people, some of her attributes are brought into other strokes..  During a Stone Medicine session the practitioner may be offering vibrational strokes on the back and it is common to use the Buffalo Walk.  Sometimes the “Hump” is placed in layouts or the horns are used during head, neck and face massage.  

You will experience how it feels to “be” Buffalo when you receive this session.  The practitioner will learn how some strokes have multiple meanings.  The importance of intention is taught during Buffalo.  Buffalo is one of the most powerful and respected animals of the Native people.  Just as the people in some jungle locations say that “Lion is the King of Beasts”…Buffalo is King to many Indian People.

This stroke is recommended for anyone who is in need of empowerment, whether the client is recovering from an illness, needs endurance for a physical condition or needs physical strengthening and stability.  The physical benefits of this treatment include; improved circulation, enhanced immune function, pain relief, detoxification and relaxation.

Questions and Registration

For more information, visit Stone Medicine’s website: or E-mail Sandra Hoak | | 540-801-0078